Month: January 2023

BlockchainSpace Acquires Majority Stake in Metasports For Web3 Growth

• BlockchainSpace has acquired a majority stake in Metasports, a web3 community support platform. • This acquisition is expected to create great value for their stakeholders in the coming years. • BlockchainSpace CEO and Founder Peter Ing and Metasports Co-Founders Joe Josue and Lars Hernandez are optimistic about this move. BlockchainSpace, a renowned data aggregator […]

XMG Capital Establishes in Singapore to Invest in Blockchain Projects

• Molecular Group, a leading investment firm based in Hong Kong, has established its new investment company, XMG Capital, in Singapore. • XMG Capital will focus on investing in high-quality blockchain projects, equity, tokens, and Web 3.0 technologies in the payment sector. • With its favorable policies towards the blockchain industry and a strong track […]

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