Bitcoin Digital Experience 2022 – Scam or Serious?

Since 2014, Bitcoin Digital has become one of the world’s leading Bitcoin exchanges. The Hong Kong-based company first entered the market in 2012 and has been expanding continuously ever since.

Bitcoin Digital consistently ranks among the leading exchanges in terms of daily trading volumes and is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms in operation today. The exchange caters to more advanced and advanced traders as well as institutions and offers a wide range of coins, trading pairs and trading options. Bitcoin Digital aims to be the premier destination for experienced cryptocurrency traders around the world.

Bitcoin Digital review: features & characteristics

  • Functionality – Bitcoin Digital has a robust, comprehensive and highly customizable platform interface that is both modern and well-designed, but generally suitable for experienced users. The main dashboard offers users a number of tabs and various options, while a selection of advanced charting tools are provided. The platform also includes Trading View charts and offers a mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS users.
  • Security – Based on its past experience with hacks, Bitcoin Digital places a high emphasis on security and uses many of the security techniques used by today’s leading exchanges. The majority of funds are placed in cold storage, with only about 0.5% of crypto assets accessible in hot wallets. The website uses database encryption and duplication in addition to DDoS protection to ensure that trading cannot be stopped by an external influence. Customer accounts are also strengthened through the use of 2FA, PGP encryption, and a variety of advanced verification tools to monitor changes in account activity.
  • Customer Support – Users are currently served by a support team that is available 24/7 via email. The team aims to respond to queries within 12 hours, but responses can take much longer. In addition, there is a knowledge base section that covers the most pressing issues and other questions and answers on the site.
  • Trading Options – There are a variety of trading options available on the platform, including margin trading, as Bitcoin Digital allows its users to trade with leverage of up to 3.3x by using their peer-to-peer margin funding facility. In addition, traders have access to a number of different order types such as limit, market, and stop orders. While trailing stop, fill or kill, iceberg, OCO and post only orders are also available.
  • High liquidity – Bitcoin Digital remains at the forefront of the BTC/USD trading markets, currently accounting for around 6% of all daily trades with 24-hour trading volumes worth around $600 million. Combined trading activity on the platform is around $2 billion per day and this high liquidity helps users trade with confidence in the price stability of coins on the platform.
  • Fees: Range from 0%-0.2%.
  • Supported countries: Worldwide
  • Payment methods: cryptocurrencies, USD.


Bitcoin Digital has been one of the largest and most well-known trading platforms for cryptocurrencies for several years now. The biggest plus point is without a doubt the selection of tradable digital assets, which means that numerous large and small cryptocurrencies can be traded with each other as well as against various fiat currencies. In addition, the trading platform can also be used profitably thanks to interesting additional offers if the actual trading is in the background for the user.

At the same time, the Bitcoin Digital reviews must also point out the weaknesses. For example, the offer may not be suitable for beginners, as the trading platform is very complex and there is no possibility to acquire cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currencies.