Bitcoin Surges 23% in March: Third Best Month in History

• Bitcoin closed its third best March in history, recording a 23% price increase and reclaiming $28,000.
• Several altcoins are also well in the green, with Ethereum surging past $1,800 and Sol returning to over $20.
• TONCOIN and Litecoin were the two best performers from the larger-cap alts.

Bitcoin Reclaims $28K

Bitcoin bounced off in the last hours of March and reclaimed its price at $28,000. This marked its third best March in history with a 23% price increase for the month.

Altcoins Follow BTC

Not only was Bitcoin able to close out strong but other major altcoins also closed out on an impressive note. Ethereum was able to surge past $1,800 while Sol returned to over $20. Of the larger-cap altcoins, TONCOIN and Litecoin were two of the biggest performers during this time period.

US CFTC Lawsuit

The primary cryptocurrency had been on a rollercoaster for several days leading up to its ultimate success at the end of March. On Monday, it had dropped by nearly $1,500 after news broke of a US CFTC lawsuit against Binance and Changpeng Zhao before bulls managed to intercept this move and push bitcoin north hard.

Short-Lived Success

Though bitcoin surged beyond $29K just days after this incident, it was short-lived as it started dropping drastically soon afterward. It eventually found itself at a daily low of about $27K on Friday before bouncing back up again on Saturday evening with a high of nearly 29K (on Bitstamp).

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Bitcoin ended March strongly by reclaiming its position above 28K – showing that despite some temporary setbacks due to lawsuits or other external factors – it can remain resilient if given enough impetus from bullish traders/investors. Additionally, many altcoins were able to follow suit which is further proof that crypto markets are maturing into something more stable than they once were

Bitcoin Surges 23% in March: Third Best Month in History
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