Crypto Price Analysis: ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL, and LDO

• This article takes a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, and Lido and their performance in the past week.
• Ethereum has entered a corrective phase, dropping by 5.9% while Ripple lost 6% of its valuation.
• The trend for both is bearish and they have two key support levels that buyers can take over again.

Crypto Price Analysis Feb-10: ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL, and LDO

Ethereum (ETH)

The bullish momentum for Ethereum has been lost as it enters a corrective phase; dropping by 5.9% in the past week. Sellers rejected ETH again at the $1,660 resistance which caused the bulls to retreat to the next level of support found at $1,400. Looking ahead ETH is entering a correction period with sellers likely to be in control during this time.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple also dropped 6% of its valuation this week as buyers retreated at 36 cents support level. With clear lower lows and highs on the price chart indicating a bearish trend; resistance is found at 40 cents until broken no uptrend is expected to occur. Selling volume also increased as the price fell adding to the bearish signal; key support levels are found at 36 or 33 cents from where buyers may take over again if breached further recovery could become less likely.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano suffered slight losses in comparison losing only 0.8%, however it has failed several times to break through resistance at $1 causing an overall sideways movement of ADA’s price action since mid-January 2021 – currently sitting around $0.5 USD per coin range.. A break above these resistances could cause a continuation of the bullish trend experienced before but until then sellers have taken control of Cardano’s price direction with minor corrections being likely during this period according to technical analysis signals given off by market indicators such as RSI & MACD HISTOGRAMS which show a neutral stance but hinting towards more bearish activities soon if current prices remain static or continue dropping further down low volumes also suggest limited activity within buy/sell orders giving off little movement in terms of market capitalization value increase/decrease for ADA coins holders so far looking forward we should expect more sideways action between $0-51 USD marks unless something shocking happens from either good news or bad news announcement from core development teams behind Cardano blockchain protocol itself those who are interested should stay tuned throughout rest weeks waiting patiently before making any decisions about investing into this cryptocurrency asset class altogether there is still plenty room left for potential growth later on when things start turning around once again with new updates being released from project leads & team members behind it respectively therefore do not hesitate when opportunity arises – always remember safety first!

Solana (SOL) & Lido (LDO)

Solana performed relatively well having gained 4% while Lido saw major gains increasing by 37%. In Solana’s case higher highs were seen despite some sell pressure happening near peak points – indicating strength among buyers who remain confident that SOL will reach even higher values later on down line after going through necessary consolidations periods every now then here there based upon historical data collected across recent months showing gradual progress made thus far without any major setbacks yet unfortunately same cannot be said about LDO whose prices have skyrocketed recently but could face similar corrections too especially given current high risk exposure associated with such volatile assets like cryptocurrencies which might result sudden drops after hitting certain peaks due excessive speculation taking place near those points time will tell how long these increases will last before things eventually settle back normalcy if ever happens anytime soon all investors must understand risks involved before deciding whether enter markets or not always remember never invest money cannot afford lose under any circumstances whatsoever!


This article looked closely into Ethereum, Ripple , Cardano , Solana ,and Lido’s performance over the past week . It was shown that both Ethereum and Ripple entered correctional phases losing 5 . 9 % and 6 % respectively . The trends were seen as bearish but they have two key supports levels where buyers can take over providing sufficient confidence to resume an uptrend . Cardano suffered losses comparatively losing only 0 . 8 % however it failed several times breaking through resistances causing an overall sideways movement since mid – January 2021 sitting around $0 . 5 USD per coin range . Lastly , Solana performed relatively well gaining 4 % while lido saw major gains increasing by 37 % , however these increases may not last long due to speculation taking place near peak points resulting sudden drops after hitting certain high risk exposures associated with such volatile assets like cryptocurrencies .

Crypto Price Analysis: ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL, and LDO
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