Products available for trading with Bitiq

Let’s now take a look at the different products available for trading with Bitiq. One of the great advantages of trading with Bitiq brokers is the ability to access multiple markets and multiple assets at the same time, differentiating it from exchanges where it is all about cryptocurrencies, for example.

The platform has over 1,000 different assets to choose from. This, based on Bitiq reviews, is more than enough of a catalogue, as it is also very varied. Let’s look at the different types one by one from

Forex: One of the great assets of Bitiq, it is about trading the different exchange rates between reliable currencies, such as the US dollar, the euro, the pound sterling, the Japanese yen or the Swiss franc.
Stocks: A cornerstone of any broker worth its salt, Bitiq features companies from a range of countries and industry sectors, from Apple to Nokia, Nestlé to Iberdrola.
ETFs: ETFs are exchange-traded funds that track different global indices, so we can for example take a position in France by simply buying an ETF that tracks the CAC40.
Commodities: Who has never thought of investing in gold or oil? At Bitiq we find these and other commodities such as coffee or wheat.
Indices: Invest directly in the Ibex 35, SP 500 or Dow Jones 30.
Bonds: To provide a conservative edge to our portfolios, we can always turn to fixed income securities such as the famous US Treasuries.
Tutorial: how to trade Bitiq step by step
At this point it is time for the tutorial, where we discover how to trade with Bitiq step by step from scratch. Each section we go through will be accompanied by pictures and images to make it easier to follow the process.

Step 1, access the broker
The first logical step is to access the platform. We can search for it on the internet or directly enter by clicking here. When the link opens, you will be taken directly to a welcome screen. Click on the “Open an account” option:

A curious detail, even if we want to first start through a demo account (ie using fictitious money) it is better to do it through the option to open an account instead of “Free Demo”. Mainly because the demo takes you directly to a trading window where a multitude of assets are not available. By default, when opening the account and until we confirm our details, we will be able to use the demo mode.

Step 2, user registration
We will have to create our user. On the new page you will see different fields to fill in, such as name and surname, fiscal residence, e-mail, password and contact telephone number:

Step 3, complete your profile
We have already created the user and we should have received a welcome email in our mailbox. Now it’s time to finish filling in our personal details. This is not a whim of Bitiq but a legal requirement of the regulator, it is important that all the information you provide is accurate otherwise your account may be closed or suspended.

Products available for trading with Bitiq
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