Review of Bitcoin Optimizer – 3 reasons that it’s a terrible fraud

Our examination of Bitcoin Optimizer system shows that this app for trading is a fraud that is losing money on crypto trading.

When we tested the Bitcoin Optimizer and Bitcoin Optimizer, we discovered the truth about what this software is as well as how it functions and why it’s an enigma and what you can do if you’ve already been victimized. Our findings are discussed within this article.

Bitcoin Optimizer

What is Bitcoin Optimizer

Bitcoin Optimizer can be described as a trade system designed specifically for bitcoin, a cryptocurrency. It is only available to only a small group of people and is therefore not accessible open to everyone. It is believed to generate large gains.

The official website for Bitcoin Optimizer describes the following main aspects that are part of Bitcoin Optimizer:

  • it was designed by skilled traders
  • It trades using autopilot
  • The app has a high winning rate
  • the trading app is a customizable application
  • It is an award-winning system.

The two most crucial questions is how much the Bitcoin Optimizer earn and what is it going to cost? The answers are 13,000 USD per day , and zero USD. That is to say, you’ll need to pay nothing to join the group, and the app will pay you at least 13000 dollars in just 24 hours.

How do I sign up for Bitcoin Optimizer?

The process of registering to sign up for Bitcoin Optimizer is quite straightforward. It is as easy as filling out the registration form on their official site. Then, you’ll need to provide your name, number, and email address. That’s it.

Once you have an account, an account in the official app will be set up for you and you’ll be able to login. The last step is to begin using it, but do not use it.

Is Bitcoin Optimizer legit?

The Bitcoin Optimizer does not constitute a valid trading platform for cryptocurrencies. In actuality, it’s an application with no advantage in the market and it is not able to trade profitably and therefore cannot earn any profits.

The problem is that all the attributes included in Bitcoin Optimizer mentioned on its official website are not real. It wasn’t designed by skilled traders and it does not have a very high rate of winning and certainly didn’t been awarded any prizes.

Is Bitcoin Optimizer secure?

Bitcoin Optimizer isn’t secure. It’s a real risk to you and your cash. Its only goal do is cause you to lose money when trading in cryptocurrency.

We think that this isn’t secure even for your personal information. Since you can’t be sure of the security of Bitcoin Optimizer and those who manage the company, you should never divulge any personal details or the copies of any personal records.

Bitcoin Optimizer scam. Bitcoin Optimizer scam

Are Bitcoin Optimizer scams? fraud? Yes, it’s a scam and a terrible one. It’s not a lie that it’s not earning money. It was made in this way because it’s sole purpose is to send your money to fraudsters.

Signing up to participate in this programme is very risky because you’ll be giving your details and your money to a group of fraudsters who have proven their track record. In this final part of the Bitcoin Optimizer review, we offer the following proofs.

1. A scam that is copied

Bitcoin Optimizer can be described as a combination of several scams from the past. In the middle is it being referred to as the Bitcoin Code scam. The name is visible in the video. It’s also a partial version from the Bitcoin Loophole scam.

In the picture below, you will find other instances of fraud-prone systems that were mixed up when creating Bitcoin Optimizer.

The most important point is that these apps have been proven to be frauds. There is a lot of positive feedback from real customers on these apps and we’re 100% certain that they’re losing money on real-time trading. Nothing positive can be expecting from them.

2. Constructed testimonials

We’ve mentioned earlier that users who have used the Bitcoin Optimizer application have admitted to us that they had suffered losses of money through the app. How is it likely that, on the official site you can find testimonials affirming contrary?

This is because the authentic critiques are not genuine. Scammers who operate this scheme created fake reviews using photographs from stock. There is an example of this in the image we’ve provided below. It’s clear that these are not actual customers of the Bitcoin Optimizer They are just models who pose on images from stock.

3. Software that is dirty and fake with a demo

In the video of Bitcoin Optimizer on its website, you can look at a glimpse of its trading system. We are fortunate to know the system well, which is why we are able to provide you with all the important details about it.

First thing to be aware of about the software is that it’s not special, and has been utilized by a variety of scams for a long time. Bitcoin Optimizer is a popular Bitcoin Optimizer platform is known for loosing money during actual trading.

The most risky thing about it is that it’s a demo. It might be a surprise to you since demo accounts typically are intended for secure testing using virtual money you think? However, this is not the case. They will allow you to try it out using fake money. But the issue is that they use fake prices.

In the demo mode, it can generate many profits and fake earnings. The results won’t be replicated when trading with real money since real-time trading, prices cannot be counterfeited. However, not everyone will be aware of this trickery, and many people could be fooled into believing that the Bitcoin Optimizer is working. However, it isn’t.

The Bitcoin Optimizer has been featured in the media

It is important to distinguish between real bitcoin and the Bitcoin Optimizer. Bitcoin is a legitimate cryptocurrency that has experienced its downs and ups, and is absolutely legal to use it in trading.

However Bitcoin Optimizer is a fake program that has been lying about everything, including actual bitcoin. For instance on its website, there are claims that bitcoin will always go upwards and even surpassing 4000 dollars. However, this isn’t factual, bitcoin is moving upwards and downwards and has not reached 4000 dollars for more than an entire year.

Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank and Bitcoin Optimizer

Scammers often write fake stories regarding their products. In this case , you’ll see them claim that Bitcoin Optimizer appeared on Dragons’ Den on the BBC within the UK as well as on Shark Tank in Australia. It’s not authentic!

They could even create stories using real images taken from TV shows, but the content will always be fake. Bitcoin Optimizer has never been, nor will it ever be seen shown on television because it’s a fraud!

The same is true for journals such as the Mirror They have not published a single article on Bitcoin Optimizer.

One of the most popular tricks used by fraudulent individuals is to say that Bitcoin Optimizer has been endorsed by celebrities such as Elon Musk Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Gordon Ramsay. This is also an untruth, and no notable person has ever made a purchase or endorsed the app, which is something we’ve verified.

How Bitcoin Optimizer operates – the whole truth

A common misconception is that because bitcoin Optimizer costs nothing, there’s nothing to lose by testing it. Actually, the complete contrary is the case. In the first place, the system isn’t free.

If you choose to sign up for Bitcoin Optimizer, you’ll shortly be directed by an unknown broker (see how to check it) and required to make a deposit of at minimum 250 US dollars of your personal funds. As we’ve already mentioned during this overview, Bitcoin Optimizer has a fake demo mode where you are able to test it.

If you’d like to use it for trading in real time it is necessary to make a deposit with a certain broker. There is no option. You won’t be able to pick your own company. Why?

Since scammers running Bitcoin Optimizer cooperate with a small number of scam brokers. They share among them the funds you pay. This is how the money will disappear.

Beware of scammers who publish the Bitcoin Optimizer review of their company, which are fake!

This is the way Bitcoin Optimizer functions, it’s an elaborate scam designed to convince you to give money to fraudsters. It’s as easy as it gets. Anything you provide them with will go missing.

They’ll tell you stories about how your money is stolen in the trading process, and how it will be different the next time. They will press you to give them increasing amounts of money. But anything you send them will be deposited directly into their pockets. This is the way they operate.

Are you being victimized by the Bitcoin Optimizer? Here’s what you can do. try to

If you’ve sent funds through bitcoin optimizer to scam broker, it is likely that you can not access it anymore since you were fraudulently scammed. It’s a standard practice to freeze the accounts of their customers.

Here’s what you can do: take care of:

  1. Find out the company you gave the money. Most likely it’s an account with a broker you must have an account for trading with.
  2. If you are unable to access your account for trading, please contact the broker by any means you can and request the withdrawal of funds or a full return of your money.
  3. If they refuse to cooperate If they don’t cooperate, threaten them with formal complaint to authorities as well as an authorization to charge back your deposit transaction(s).
  4. If this doesn’t work, take every step you can to reverse your deposit. If you made the deposit via credit card, contact the card issuer (typically that bank) to perform a chargeback for the transaction.
  5. If you paid your money via a third-party provider of payment and want to contact the provider, you can do so by submitting a the request for refund.
  6. The most difficult to reverse is bank wires. Consult your bank for assistance and you may also call the bank of the person who is the recipient of the wire.
  7. If you have made your payment using an electronic transfer that is irreversible, they will be irrevocable.
  8. When you request credit card refunds, be sure to provide a detailed explanation of how you were swindled.

In addition, every country has its own national financial regulator who is able to offer assistance in these areas.

Not last, if you have gave your personal information as well as documents to the Bitcoin Optimizer scammers, it’s an issue that deserves your focus.

If they only have your email address, name and phonenumber, most likely the last thing you should anticipate is annoying phone calls to make deposits. If you’ve sent the bank copies of personal information or credit card information it’s worth having these documents fresh so that they do not get used to gain access to your personal information.

Bitcoin Optimizer – our verdict

Our analysis proves beyond a uncertainty that bitcoin optimizer is not a legitimate business. It could be harmful to your bank account. It is not associated with actual cryptocurrency trading, it is best to avoid it in order to protect yourself!

If you’re interested in trading with a genuine cryptocurrency and trading, sign up for an Demo account that is free from a licensed company and begin to learn using virtual currency.

Remember that there is a risk when investing with real money, therefore be cautious when you choose to invest in real money.

Please help us inform others against scams like the bitcoin Optimizer scam and be sure to share our review.

Frequently asked questions

Do you think Bitcoin Trader a scam?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Trader is a fraud. It was created to move your money to fraudsters who operate this scheme.

Are you sure that Bitcoin Trader real?

Yes, Bitcoin Trader is not an actual. There’s no real trading system to be found behind it. It’s just a scammy application that could lose you funds while pretending it’s cryptocurrency trading.

Do I have confidence in Bitcoin Trader?

You shouldn’t be relying on Bitcoin Trader, because it is a fraud. It is not advisable to register for the app to avoid having to provide your personal details to fraudsters.

Review of Bitcoin Optimizer – 3 reasons that it’s a terrible fraud
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